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Commercial potting mixes

Grocom supplies the majority of nurseries in the Hawkes Bay area with individual tailored potting mixes that are formatted to suit the particular plant species being grown and the growing environment. Our process is to meet with the client and discuss their needs. In consultation with our mix specialist we will then produce a recipe using the best fertilizers and raw ingredients we can source. Our philosophy is the mix recipe is exclusive to the individual client, taking into account their preferences for fertiliser brand, bark grade, drainage medium etc. All our mixes are made by Grocom on site and are batch mixed per cubic metre in a rotary drum to ensure an even distribution of all ingredients and a consistent product. We stock coir fibre, peat, pumice, bark fines in medium grade and super fine for general mixes and seed raising mixes. Delivery - no problem.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can help you out by providing a top quality growing medium at a competitive price.