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Grocom Commercial Potting Mix

Grocom supplies tailormade potting mixes to nearly all major nurseries in the Hawke's Bay area. These mixes are formulated to suit particular plant species and various growing environments. We typically meet with our clients and discuss their individual needs and then, in consultation with our mix specialist, we create a recipe using the best available fertilisers and raw ingredients. This recipe is then exclusive to that client taking into account their fertiliser brand preferences, bark grade, drainage medium etc. All mixes are made by Grocom onsite and batch-mixed in a rotary drum (per cubic metre) to ensure even distribution of the ingredients and a consistent product. We stock coir fibre, peat, pumice, perlite and bark fines for general mixes and seed raising mixes. Delivery of the product is no problem - bags, scoops or truck loads.

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Grocom Landscape Supplies

Free Loan Trailers

Take advantage of our free loan trailers to get your gardening project underway as quickly as possible.

Truck Delivery

Delivery is available both locally and rurally - talk to us about our competitive delivery rates.

School and Kindergarten Playgrounds

Grocom Landscape Supplies

Our playground safety surfacing is a specifically engineered woodchip made from untreated recycled timber, and is certified to meet the latest New Zealand Safety Standards (NZS 5828:2015) set by the Ministry of Education. It has a fall safety rating of 3 metres, surpassing that of alternative surfacing materials on the market.

Free Measure and Quote

We are happy to visit your school or kindergarten to discuss your needs and provide you with a free measure and quote. We supply certified Playground Bark and certified Sandpit Sand.

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